August 7 2023 Created website, Changed background colour, Added some minor text (mostly insulting myself), Inserted image of cupcake cause why not

August 8 2023, dded list of activities I want to add on website, Attempted to change text colour on website and failed , Attempted again and changed text colour to white, inserted photography photos in, Changed font to times new roman

August 9 2023 —> Not too much just made a box and put the shawty like a melody song in deadass! Like dead the ass but fr that’s it my ass was busy today, Also added more boxes, Added that yoinki sploinki gif cause I’m that quirky IG

August 15 2023, Added sub-pages and figured out how to do it!! Thanks to my friends and most of all my sanity for managing to keep strong, Added “about me” “Fragmentations comic lore” “Photography collage” “Website Progress Report” and “Poetry/Writings”